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Arno Hoogland is an Amsterdam based product designer and interior architect. With a background in design and woodworking he combines modern production techniques with traditional crafts and model making.  

Through experimentation with movement, light, form and texture his work explores human behaviour within spaces and towards objects. His work provokes sensory interaction to make people aware of their habits, while renewing their attention to their surroundings.


Besides working on commission, Arno also develops self-initiated experimental projects, objects and spaces. Together with François Duquesnoy he co-founded Studio Duqland in 2016, an interior and installation design studio in Amsterdam. Since 2012 he works alongside Bas van Tol at Studio’s MüllervanTol.


Arno has worked for, or with companies and institutions among which Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Cleassens, Volkswagen, Unseen photo fair, Levi’s, Pepsi, Glamcult, Let it Grow, Zalando, Volkshotel, VandeJong creative agency, 72 and Sunny and Poki.

Arno Hoogland - Sphaera M - zacht blauw

€ 700,00Prijs
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