BIG Shelf Light Yellow - White with White stripes no. 2 | Studio Thier&vanDaalen

€ 390,00Prijs

    • size aluminium: 78 x 22 x 10 cm
    • colours: Lilac / Pink / Light Yellow / Dark Red / Peach

    materials: Polyethylene factory overproduction + aluminium shelf with mounting kit.

    • All shelves are numbered
    • ± 10 kg a piece
    • plastic lump:  between 50 - 70 cm wide 
  • Irregular lumps of factory overproduction plastics, translated into unique and striking circular accessories for in- and outdoor.
    We were fascinated by the unique shapes and beautiful bright colours of neglected lumps, found at a plastic processing factory. Where we select the most striking shapes and colours, while at the same time observe as a sculptor what we can make out of it. In the process of transformation, we cut the pieces by saw or mill it with CNC. Hence it is such a surprise to find out what is hidden inside, creating an exiting moment when the marbled pattern reveals itself when the two halves split.
    To minimise any possible negative effect for the environment, we put little as possible energy into the lumps, when transforming them into new products. Ready to shine brightly as an unique shelf, candle holder, mirror or side table. Suitable for both in- and outside.

    ' Our fascination and urge to discover can be traced back into our motto; “Don’t take the world for granted.” By consciously deal with the sources, their surroundings and impact, we want to realise sustainable designs to cherish, which will last long and more importantly to start a conversation.'