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The FRIEDRICH MAX is an object maximal dimensions. The huge mirror glass and the bright colors unfold a strong graphic presence. The cut of the glass is reminiscent of a mirrored portal, which emphasizes the sculptural character of the object. So does the idea of opening up the space visually and multidimensionally for a distinctly generous sense of space. A momentum of the special that remains vividly in memory - even in places that otherwise occasionally lack atmosphere. A hallway gains perspective, the living room gets a central focal point, and a floating haven of peace is created in the sleeping area. Formally, the design belongs to the FRIEDRICH family, which has been a central part of OUT's collection since its inception. The composition of colors, surfaces and lines make their charm. The FRIEDRICH MAX blends in harmoniously and yet is maximally different. Its own dimension of visual pleasure.

190cm x 123cm


€ 1.350,00Prijs
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