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Viola (2022) Enrica Masi

€ 875,00Prijs
  • Enrica Masi (1987) known to many as simply Masi, is an Italian artist and designer who is currently based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

    Since childhood, Masi has had a deep passion for drawing and colouring, which later developed into a love for design. She studied graphic design in Rome and went on to pursue a Master's degree in Interaction Design.

    After working in the design industry for ten successful years in Europe and the United States, Masi took a break from her full-time job and began to paint. Her vivid visual language, which she fondly refers to as Monsters, had been swirling around in her mind since childhood.

    These shapes and colours appeared to her as a form of synesthesia, and after sketching them in a notebook for some time, they eventually became paintings, screenprints and collages.

    Masi’s ultimate goal is to create increasingly large-scale works that allow her audience to experience her colours and shapes in the same way she does

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